Styrian master classes
July 12 to 18, 2022
Steirische Meisterklassen

Styrian master classes 2022

Dear colleagues, esteemed people interested in chamber music,

once again this summer, the „Neuberg Culture Days“ will be accompanied by chamber music master classes. Inspired by the spirit of the unique late medieval Münster, Neuberg is always careful to see music as a whole and not to let it fizzle away superficially in incoherent individual events. The rural, idyllic, summer seclusion and the traditional genius loci make the Neuberg Summer Courses an ideal supra-regional meeting place for the in-depth study of chamber music.

The professors of the courses are internationally highly sought-after artistic personalities and teach at the University of Music and performing Arts in Graz. A cooperation agreement between the university and the „Neuberg Culture Days“ has existed for several years, which was not only extended but even intensified by both sides last fall: For example, a winning ensemble of the renowned competition „Franz Schubert and Modern Music“, which the KUG organizes every three years, can automatically perform an evening of its own at the „Neuberger Culture Days“. In this year’s Neuberg Summer, the focus of the master classes will be on violin, violoncello and the chamber music works of Franz Schubert. Students will have the opportunity to present their musical work to the Culture Days audience in the Münster’s Dormitory on July 18.

Neuberg an der Mürz – secluded enough for undisturbed musical studies and yet close enough to the centers of classical music tradition for far-reaching contacts!

We are already looking forward to your registration and the prospect of summer days full of music and thoughts together in the cheerful Neuberg an der Mürz!

Univ. Prof. Dr. Harald Haslmayr, dramaturg

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Univ.Prof. Dr. Harald Haslmayr, Foto: © Privat